According to day-to-day population growth and overall scientific developments in providing human food, hygiene, and health; agricultural science has also developed in mechanization. Now in order to increase profiles and products per hectare the NEED to Modern & Exact Machineries in Unavoidable.

In this direction, Boukan Sazeh-Kesht Company started an agricultural machinery factory in 1991, and from the very beginning tried to manufacture new and modern tillage implements such as three furrow and four-furrow mounted reversible Ploughs. Receiving a Quality standard (confirmed by Karaj Agricultural Machinery Testing Center- related to Jahad Keshawarzi Ministry) for its wheeled One-way three-furrow plough, the company started manufacturing this kind of plough.

Now we produce all kind of one-way amounted ploughs with three, four or five furrows for tractors with 65 hp and more powerful ones.

Afterwards, with technological progress in plough systems, we started designing and manufacturing many kinds of two-way mounted moldboard ploughs, after which we received another Quality Standard, this time confirmed by Machinary Testing Center of Jahad Keshawarzi Minstry, and started the mass production of this kind of plough.

The experts in this center, having continous study and research on the kind and conditions of Iran's regions soils, have verified the systems of this kind of plough with the present conditions of the country.

At the present Sazeh-Kesht Company manufactures all kind of two-way three-furrow, four-furrow and five furrow ploughs with the highest level of quality in any size of furrow for different models of tractors with 100 hp and more.

Our products in all models come with a year's guarantee and ten year's afterwards services. Our agencies are active in many provinces of the country.

Besides Saze kesht has joined överum Inc since 2005, and taking the exclusive representation from the mentioned company in Iran has diversified the extent of its activity so much .We hope to increase the quality and diversity of our unique productions in order to support a large division of mechanization implements which are in need in our country , and to overshadow the optimization of mechanization .We  will have co-productions with other world famous companies in order to reform the quality of productions and employment.


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