Reversible four furrow plows


Reversible four furrow plows


  • Chassis is made of a special steel
  • Bottoms are 16 inches in size, UC body model nad made by Overum
  • Changeable working width of furrow (12 inches to 16 inches on the frame)
  • Equippied with combwheel (transport and furrow depth) with shock absorber
  • Equipped with furrow width adjusting system
  • Shear bolt safety system
  • Certified as best producer of reversible mold board plows


Reversible four furrow plows


Specification Model: RPS16/4
Distance between two points 85 cm
Working width 1.2 m
Working width 12 - 16 1.2 - 1.6 m
Working depth 30 cm
Under beam height 75 cm
Power required 120 hp
weight 1200 kg

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